Contentment I’m not talking about being complacent, I’m talking about contentment. The state of peaceful happiness. A state in which what we do, what we spend our time on, what we allow into our daily life and routine (people, habits, foods, etc), the people that we let into our lives, brings us happiness that is [...]

I Am Hybrid AF

I like powerlifting. I like bodybuilding. I like both, therefore I train both. Personally, I believe that they can live in harmony, if trained appropriately. In fact, I believe this way of training has attributed greatly to my overall development as a seasoned lifter, and has helped me refrain from injury. Aside from all of [...]

The Loaded Question..

I live for deep conversation. I personally believe that is where the greatest connections, realizations, "light bulb moments" and the like, all flow. Unguarded, truthful communication without fear of judgment, with full transparency, and an open mind. But, how often do we find ourselves immersed in conversations of this nature? Rarely ever...unless you are one [...]

Only Dead Fish Go with the Flow: Stop falling for the “one-size-fits-all” BS

"People need to quit looking for the easy way out and GET TO WORK." -Dave Tate I don`t believe "going with the flow" has ever been a strong suit of fact, I don`t believe i strictly fit the mold of powerlifter or bodybuilder either. My training is a hybrid baby of the two; incorporating [...]