I’m not talking about being complacent, I’m talking about contentment. The state of peaceful happiness. A state in which what we do, what we spend our time on, what we allow into our daily life and routine (people, habits, foods, etc), the people that we let into our lives, brings us happiness that is not temporary, but happiness that is enjoyed with a full heart. Lasting.

Many of us seek for this in things that are shallow, conditional, temporary, quickly used or something that quickly fades.

We give power to whatever we allow into our lives.

(REREAD THAT, cause that’s a heavy statement)

We have the ability to let in whoever and whatever we want into our lives, into our hearts and minds.

I have had my fair share of allowing toxic people and habits into my life…unfortunately, without much surprise, it left me turning around and wondering how I got from where I started to a mess I never intended to be part of. It pulls you like gravity into a place in which you never meant to go. Takes you off your course, off the tracks and leaves you stranded.

BUT you have the power to say no to what doesn’t serve you, to what doesn’t jive with what your true self is set on, the power to say no to what you believe isn’t right, to what doesn’t help YOU accomplish what you’ve set for yourself.

You don’t need validation from anyone.

You don’t need the approval of any person.

You don’t need to do something just because people “expect” it from you.

It’s called the level of needs hierarchy, and whatever is set at the top, whatever you say yes to without hesitation, is ultimately what YOU believe will bring you the utmost contentment.

What I say yes to

I say yes to spending time with God. HE is what I know brings me the greatest peaceful happiness.

I say yes to spending time with my family, with my boyfriend Jon, with my close circle of friends because I care deeply for them, because I cherish our time together, and I love continuing to know them as they grow.

I say yes to eating healthy and training hard in the gym. I believe that those are two things that I have full control over and deserve my attention.

The things I say yes to are what I believe will bring me contentment.

Think about it

Take a moment to stop and think about why You are truly going after something, and whether or not it will deliver on your expectations…this month challenged me regarding this very thing. I crowded my day with too many things that I had high expectation that would bring me joy and satisfy me…and I quickly had an eye opener that those very things left me feeling exhausted, empty emotionally and physically, and without time to do anything that needed to be made a priority. God has asked me to downsize my life more than a couple times, and I continued to fill it with more “I have tos” that resulted in pushing him completely out of my life. I found myself too tired, too busy and too undeserving to spend time with him. He finally grabbed ahold of me, helped me downsize my life. When the level of needs hierarchy is out of balance, life gets crazy, fast. Some life rearranging has left me feeling more than content. I feel at peace. I feel like I can breath again. I feel grounded. And for the first time in a long time, I can feel Gods presence in everything that I do.


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