CHOULDERS (Chest + Shoulders)

When I`m pressed for time, efficiency is key. Which is why I like to train two muscle groups that can be hit with one exercise; chest and shoulders. Most movements for this combo will be on an angle of some sort, a decline or incline, in order to hit both muscles. Supersetting a weighted movement with a body weight movement (push ups, shoulder push ups, dips) can also be a great way to bump up the intensity and to fatigue quickly.

Adding bands and chains for a more time under tension focus and to switch up the load distribution (heavier at the top versus heavier at the bottom of a movement) if you`re looking for a change of pace. I like a lot of volume, especially for my shoulders, so bands allow me to get high reps without blowing through my rotator cuff. Same with working the chest, I love to use bands for flys or any exercises that can be intense on the shoulder. Many years of sports has taken a doozie on my shoulders, which means protecting the rotator cuff and preventing injury is the name of my game.


The workout below took about 45 minutes, if you`re in a hurry, drop the sets down to 3 or 4. (Weights I used are after the “#” symbol.)


1. Seated Pec Flys 5X10-12 #65-75

2. Incline Barbell Press 5X8-10 #95-125 superset w/ Banded Pec Flys 5X15 #red elitefts  band

3. Decline Bench Dumbbell Flys 4X10 #20-25 superset w/ Decline Dumbbell Bench Press 4X12 #20-25

4. Cable Underhand Front Raise 5X10 #30-40

5. Cable Upright Row 5X10/ drop set 10 #70/50 superset w/ banded lateral raises 5X10 ea #super mini orange band from elitefts

6. Rear Delt Flys on Pec Dec 4X10-12 #65-75 superset w/ Cable Facepulls 4X10 #70

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