Wide Lats-Dense Back

As a powerlifter and figure competitor, its essential I work my back every single training session. Whether it is a full back focused day or just adding in an exercise at the middle or end of a training session, I need my back to be strong, dense, and very wide.

Most sessions start with pull-ups or some kind of wide grip pulldown. Then I hit a compound lift for 4-6 sets for 6-8 reps at my top working weight. From there, I layer and overlap my workout with bodybuilding style exercises. Sometimes I like to mix it up and end with my compound lift just to force myself to woman up and push hard even when i`m already gassed. Builds character and changes up the flow.

Recently I have been following the Dana Lynn Bailey Arnold Prep book from runeverythinglabs.com. She is a hybrid athlete (powerlifting and bodybuilding) and so am I, and she loves volume. No better combo. These lifts have been incredible, and definitely allow me to train heavy and build my strength while focusing in on my weaknesses and lagging muscle groups. The “off-season” (i say off season lightly because if you`re serious about your sport, there truly is no off season) is a time where my carbs are significantly high, sleep and energy are great, and i can go ham in my lifts. I take full advantage of that.

June 21, 2018 Back Day Lift #=weight I used

  1. Straight Arm Pulldowns 5X10 #70-80lb
  2. a. Neutral Wide Grip Pulldowns 5X10 #85-120   b. Overhand Close Grip Pulldowns 5X8-10 #85-100
  3. Wide Grip Behind the Back Pulldowns 5X10-12 #70-80
  4. a. Seated Close Grip Row to Stomach (sit upright) 5X10 #100  Drop the weight –> b. Seated Close Grip Row to Chest (sit forward) 5X10 #50-60
  5. Rack Pulls 5X6-8 #135X10 #185X8 #225X8 #245X8 X2sets #255X6



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