BYouBFit 14-Day Grocery List

Hey Iron Friends!

Its Sunday and you’re ready for a new start with your nutrition. You are putting down the donuts and are choosing to pick up healthier options!…But one thing…YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHERE TO START!!! Ugh. BEEN THERE. Done that! Donut worry, I have compiled for you a PDF of what I grab from the grocery store every 2 weeks. I am from Western New York, so my produce may be a bit different since our “in season” produce isn’t always as cheap or on sale as other place may be. My best suggestion would be to buy whats in season, on sale, or in bulk. It saves you money, gas, and time! Believe me, as a college student, working two jobs and running my own business, money and time can be tight. That`s why I have a list, I stick to it and cook all my food on Sunday so that I can rest easy during the week and focus on my work.

DISCLAIMER:   Bernice Dumbleton is NOT a medical doctor or dietician. All contents for this list are recommendations only. Use of this plan is at the will of the user and the user assumes all liability related with program.

I have a very large background in nutrition and sport nutrition with my Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science, but I am not a dietitian nor a doctor. Therefore, this is only to be used as a GUIDE or SUGGESTION for how to approach nutrition.

I must also make you aware that I eat these certain foods for a number of reasons. I take my blood type into consideration and stay away from certain foods because they do not settle well with my stomach/GI tract. Those include gluten, dairy and most fruits. I also do not consume coffee or large amounts of caffeine. When selecting foods, I also take into consideration my previous battle with Hypothyroidism, my chronic migraines (which dropping coffee and switching to teas has greatly helped!!)and my family history of multiple cancers and diabetes.

Click on the Link Below for my Grocery Guide!

PDF version Grocery List


XOXO Coach Bernie


Need guidance on HOW to meal prep, WHAT foods work best for you and HOW to set up a exercise routine that fits YOUR lifestyle? Click on the link and let me help YOU overcome self doubt, gain confidence, look and feel good and LEARN!


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