Friday Workout: Legs, Legs, Legs

I can finally stop using chairs and railing to support myself from Mondays vicious leg day. Below, I have the workout mapped out for you to try on your own! Things to be mindful of:

  • With all leg exercises, we cautious of your knees when squatting, leg pressing, and when performing a lunge of any kind
  • Your core should be tight during all exercises. Think about how you would brace if someone tickled your stomach, that`s the type of tightness i`m talking about!
  • Have a purpose for every exercise and rep performed. Focus on the muscle being contracted and why you’re performing that exercise. Have an intention.
  • Time your rests base don your goals. Less time (1-2 minutes) are more for endurance and weight loss while more time (3-5 minutes) between sets is geared towards maximal effort, strength and performance training.


Warm Up:

Fast, Backwards lunges 3 sets X 20 reps each leg

Fast, high side step ups 3 sets X 20 reps each leg

Side to side shuffle, switching feet on top of box 3 sets X 20 reps total


  • Leg press- 15 reps feet lower on platform for quads, 15 reps higher on platform for hamstrings, feet slightly closer than hip width with toes pointed out; 4 sets—-> Supersetted with jump squats 4 sets X 20 reps

  • Single leg glute bridges on a medicine ball 3 sets X 15 reps each leg —-> supersetted with bulgarian split squats 3 sets X 30seconds each leg

  • Barbell close stance squats 15 reps followed by wide stance squats 15 reps; 3 sets —-> Supersetted with walking barbell lunges 3 sets X 20 steps

  • Leg extension 5 sets X Failure at a heavy weight—-> supersetted with Hamstring curls 5 sets X Failure at a heavy weight

  • Calf raises 5x 10 each way ( toes regular, toes pointed inward, toes pointed outward)


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