The Language of Love

If you were to fall madly in love with yourself, what would it look and  feel like?

Would you take yourself on lavish vacations, maybe a date or two throughout the week, spend a little moolah on yourself and top it off with some much needed alone time out in the country?

Or maybe you would remind yourself daily of how much you are loved, exercise because it keeps health as priority, make time to work towards your goals and passions, and to surround yourself with those that bring value to your life.

I wholeheartedly believe that feeling positive about yourself is a declaration to the world; saying “I believe in myself, I have value, and I am not afraid to eat alone, for I know what I bring to the table.”

This desire to put forth one`s well-being and happiness is called self-love. And self-love begins with self-talk.

Each of us has a small voice inside our head that talks to us every second of every day. In all situations that we encounter, we react in agreement to the way we think about ourselves. Like a domino effect, these reactions add up over time, and essentially determine the outcome of our life. That`s a huge influence for such a small voice, don’t ya think?

But wait…

We have the power to actively monitor these thoughts.

WHAAAAT?! I`ll repeat that again, We have the power to actively monitor these thoughts. At any point in time, you have permission to tell the small voice to rewrite a different script.

Often times, we catch ourselves logically talking ourselves either into a negative mindset (i.e. “I have given up so many times before, so i`ll always be a quitter”), or to make excuses for our situations (i.e. “I am too busy between work and school to make it to the gym”), or even completely sabotaging any bit of self-love we could possibly have for ourselves (i.e. “No one will even bother to follow me on Instagram, I don`t have abs and I`m not lean enough.”) These type of thoughts wreck any chance we have at overcoming these situations because we have already defeated ourselves before even starting.

In order to change the way in which we think about ourselves and the manner in which we communicate to our being, we must examine the voice itself.

We begin with an open and honest question:

How do you talk to yourself?

Is the voice soft or harsh? Kind or mean spirited? Optimistic or pessimistic? Does it have your best interests at heart? Or does it shoot down any chance of seeking light at the end of the tunnel? Does it speak with a need to make a way? Or does it speak with the idea that all is impossible?

Once we are able to detect the difference between what we hear and what we want to hear, we can begin changing those statements that pop into our mind from negative to positive. If your mind says “no way,” turn it into a “heck yes.”Send that harsh tone back to where it came from, and instead return it for a voice that is calming, kind hearted, focused and serving to you.

You have the choice, every second of every day, to give in to the lows or to achieve greater highs. The mind can be a very powerful tool to achieve your best self, your loved self, your valued self. All of it begins with whats between your ears.







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