Metabolic Conditioning: Race the Clock

Metabolic Conditioning is a form of high intensity training though the use of structured work and rest periods that focus on a particular energy system. What distinguishes metabolic conditioning  from every other form of cardiovascular training is how energy is created, how it is used and how rapidly it is expended.The length of the rest and work ratios will determine what response you will receive from the body. Shorter intervals with longer rests will tap into the anaerobic system (ATP-PCr); short bursts of energy, maximal intensity, burning carbs for energy, without the use of oxygen for work to be performed. Longer intervals with moderate to shorter rests will tap into the aerobic system (glycolysis and/or oxidation); moderate to long periods of work, moderate intensity, burning fat for energy, use of oxygen for work to be performed.

Also known as MetCons, this type of training typically is used in the CrossFit world and by other athletes from time to time to confuse the muscles, push the boundaries of the body’s ability to perform and to continue developing a particular energy system. It is key to note here that these workouts should not be performed daily. They are to be done 1-2 times a week at most due to their intensity and because of the impact they have on the body (depending on the exercises chosen.)

I created one last Saturday for the group of ladies that I train on Saturday mornings at 10am. I performed the workout prior to gauge intensity and difficulty. I will post my numbers below:) Beat me and tell me what you get by commenting below or on any of my social media accounts!


1 minute of work to perform as many repetitions as you possibly can, 30 seconds in between to rest. Perform the whole set of exercises 3 times through with a 1 minute rest in between sets. The goal is to beat your previous score every round!


Clean & Press with a Barbell (or dumbbells): 19, 22, 24

Barbell Squat (or Goblet Squat): 35, 42, 48

Push Ups: 34, 31, 35

Backwards Lunge (1 lunge on each leg= 1 rep): 17, 18, 19

Plank Jumps (on forearms, feet wide in Y shape, jump feet up to elbows and back): 43, 45, 47

Ball Slams (15lb ball): 25, 27, 30

Burpees: 15, 17, 19

Sit Ups: 38, 43, 41

Enjoy and Goodluck!


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