Complacency: a dangerous place to be.

It is very easy to get comfy, cozy, and content, whether it is your job and position, your current physique, or maybe its your marriage or relationships. A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.

There is nothing wrong with sitting back and relaxing to enjoy your hard work, effort and achievement, but there comes a point where new goals and new victories must be worked towards. Once you have stayed in a particular place long enough, regardless of what it is, the harder it will be and the more energy it will require to get out of that place.

The trap of complacency is a silent killer. Most people do not realize it is slowly taking over your means to progress. Days begin to look the same, drag on longer, and weekends fly by. Sound familiar? Here is where our mind battle begins: to stay where I am at because it is comfortable or to keep striving for that next step to achieve greater than I am currently experiencing?

Complacency is similar to a savings account. In order to get a savings account, one must make money in order to have something to put in that account. Its like going to college and learning skills and information for a particular major. Once you have made some money, let`s say one thousand dollars, you can invest it by placing it in the account. Just like graduating and getting a new job out of college. Now a year or so has gone by and that same one thousand dollars is still sitting there. A manager of your company recently had a meeting with you and has encouraged you to pursue a masters in your degree. Things right out of college were a bit chaotic, adjusting to a new job from the college life was hard and you need to get your barrings so you decline the request. Well, now several years have gone by and that same one-thousand dollars are sitting in that savings account. You are stuck in the same position you were when you started. Days all seem to start and end the same, and you are beginning to dislike your job. A buddy of yours working at a similar company, but with more opportunities to travel, a higher salary and a chance to further your craft, has offered to help you set up an interview with his boss. This sounds like a grand idea, but sadly, you have stood in one spot for so long that you are afraid to take a step forward.  So, you turn down the offer. Yet again, that same one-thousand dollars sits in the bank account.

That first investment was a great one, you saw your worth and put time and effort into that initial one-thousand dollars. The downside was that you did not deem it as worth more effort, worth more time, and worth more investment to add to it. By remaining complacent, you do not acquire interest, there is no net gain of money. In fact, your overall value may decline.

Unfortunately, there are very few pros to staying within the comfy zone. Resisting change can leave us behind in a forever changing world. Choosing to become satisfied in our current state can leak into not only our career success, but also relationships with spouses, children and friends, spiritual practices, fitness and wellness progress, and our growth as a human being if we allow it to go on long enough. If we are not constantly pushing towards a deeper love, meaning, intensity, work ethic, or intellectual well being, then we must ask ourselves whether or not we value and posses true passion for those things. Effort, time and how much something is worth to you will dictate how you grow in a particular facet of life. If someone or something holds great value to you, then you must spend your most sacred and scarce elements in order to see it flourish; time and energy.

There comes a point where you no longer care if there`s a light at the end of the tunnel or not. You`re just sick of the tunnel. That to me is where we hit rock bottom. Where we have exhausted complacency to the point of no return. This is where relationships end, careers are terminated, and passion has left these dry bones long ago. Choosing to be stagnant in life means we are agreeing to settle when we could achieve better. It means that we are satisfied being average. Wake up and snap out of the mundane, daily ritual that complacency holds on us. You are always destined for more. Network and meet new people. Take up a course at the local college. Travel across the world. Start up a workout group in the area. Quit your job and chase after your dream career. Do not let people, jobs, experiences in life decide what lies ahead for you. No one deserves to live the same day over again on repeat. Make today different than yesterday.

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